Escape Game On The Lab, Puzzle Room. Lisbon.
Escape Game On The Lab, Puzzle Room. Lisbon.
Escape Game On The Lab, Puzzle Room. Lisbon.

Escape Game On The Lab

Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 50 € per team

About the game On The Lab

Is it true or false?

Ten years have passed since Virgílio Marçal – a Portuguese smuggler who wanted to be navigator or a smuggler condemned to be a navigator – found the map that his friend Lorenzo Lopes, in a strange message left before disappearing, had asked him to discover. After a decade Lorenzo didn’t appear at all neither Virgilio Marçal managed to understand the meaning of that map.

If the 1960s was characterized by secrecy and subliminally messages, in the early 1970s people witnessed a global expansion not only at a comercial and technology level, but also culturally.

The music of Pink Floyd was a great hit, kids and adults played over an over again with the plastic bricks of the Danish LEGO. Virgilio Marcal, obsessed for so many years by the mysterious map, decided to re-examine it, this time with appropriate instruments.

Knowing that, near his home, worked the laboratory of a company, he decided to enter the place in secret. But he knew he only had 60 minutes to be inside, the time the security used to be away for a snack or some time with his girlfriend.

Is the map real? Does it have some hidden message? Does it take somewhere or helps to find some treasure? Does it give one any clue about Lorenzo’s vanishing? With no news of his friend and his mind full of mysteries, Virgilio managed to get in laboratory.

He can find out the truth if he is fast enough. There’s one hour left until he has to leave the place. The countdown has already begun…

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Address escape game On The Lab

Lisbon, Rua da Assunção, 42 Sala 31 1100-044 Lisboa
(+351) 2 ... Show phone number

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